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The following section is designed to give clients/customers of Ordway Building Supply a general understanding of what to expect in remodeling or installing a new kitchen in their home.


We go through life one time and we spend at least 60% of our lifetime in our homes. It is proven that your home is the best place to invest in your lifestyle. A bright user-friendly kitchen is so enjoyable.  THE KITCHEN IS THE HEART OF THE HOME!


Any general advice when choosing a new kitchen?

The key thing you should look at is how long you expect to stay in the house. If you are likely to move in the next few years, we suggest you buy a more current "popular," design which is likely to appeal to the majority of potential buyers for your property. You should also consider where your house is located, and the size of the house. If you have a large rural home, including a double oven and fridge may be a good idea.


How long does it take to remodel my kitchen?

The answer depends on YOU.
Call us and set up an appointment to either come to our store or have us come to your home to measure. If your come to our store in Ordway just to browse, and your are SERIOUS about a kitchen, bathroom or entertainment center, we will set up an appointment with you. One of our five expert designers will come to your home to measure for the job and design your project.

Three things that determine what can be done in your kitchen.

  1. Size of the room.
  2. Size of your budget.
  3. Yours and our expertise working together.

We will provide you a list of qualified and proven installers that are anxious to work for YOU. You pick who you want and you pay them direct.

We, at OBS, will help you from start to finish by helping to coordinate your project. Remember, we sell everything that that goes into your job. This has been a proven system for us at OBS for over 42 years.


How do I prepare for my kitchen renovation?

The first thing you want to do is get an idea of what you want your new kitchen to look like. Browse our websites - look at our showroom section to get an idea of the style you want. Once you decide, then you are ready to talk to us. Send us an email through our contact us section of our website or you can give us a call at Ph: 719.267.3555 and we can get started. One of our five designers will let you know everything you need to do.


At what point do I need to select appliances?

The short answer is as soon as possible. It is very important that you select your appliances before designing or at least early in the designing process. Designers need the exact measurements necessary to see that everything fits as it should in your new kitchen. Ordway Bullding Supply can furnish all your appliance needs at very competitive pricing. We have all the name brands that are on the market today.

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